Where to Watch DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Awards 2020 & AMF Festival



DJ Mag‘s Top 100 DJs Awards 2020 are just around the corner!

The annual announcement takes place over November 7th & 8th, including a full social media countdown as we congratulate the Top DJs one by one. Saturday will announce the Top 100 DJs, followed by the Alternative Top 100 DJs via Beatport, on Sunday.

To top it all off, the World’s No. 1 DJ winner will be crowned and perform alongside many other in-demand acts leading the poll as part of a very special virtual event presented by Amsterdam Music Festival. Typically, the AMF main stage would bring in tens of thousands of fans IRL, but in 2020, the stream is taking over.

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Dance music fans are the powerful force behind the entire weekend. This year, just under 1.3 million people voted to name the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2020, bringing in almost as many votes as the record-setting 2019 poll.

We’ll be keeping you updated with per usual on all platforms, as DJ Mag counts down the Top 100 DJs Awards 2020. The event will broadcast live on AMF.TV.

Learn more about ALDA and AMF — and get ready for the annual DJ Mag countdown! See the official announcement video below.

AMF Presents Top 100 DJs Awards 2020


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