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Lionsgate has announced that Chaos Walking will now hit theaters in 2021. The long-awaited movie was supposed to open in theaters last year, but that never happened. Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley star in the upcoming movie and they have been more than a little busy since the production wrapped in late 2017. Holland is Peter Parker for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Ridley just wrapped up the final installment in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Both actors will have to return for some extensive reshoots.

Chaos Walking has the potential to spawn sequels and become its own franchise, so Lionsgate wants to make sure they get it right. It’s been common knowledge that the movie needs reshoots for quite some time, but it has been pretty hard to nail down Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley to come back and actually take care of the extra work. With that being said, the studio has revealed that Chaos Walking will arrive in theaters on January 22nd, 2021.

Chaos Walking is based on the YA book series by author Patrick Ness. Fans of the books have been waiting for a big screen adaptation for years now, and the studio has been excited to cash in on The Hunger Game success. The story takes place in a world where everyone can hear each other’s thoughts and where all women are believed to be dead. However, things change for Tom Holland’s character when he meets up with Daisy Ridley’s character, who was not wiped out by the mystery virus. With the movie now a little less than a year away, one has to wonder how much of the movie is being retouched.

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While it’s unclear how much change Chaos Walking will undergo, it is believed that Lionsgate is paying $15 million to complete the reshoots. Tom Holland revealed last year that he was going to work with director Doug Liman, but it appears that the studio wants even more new footage for the movie. Fede Alvarez’s name was at one time attached to the reshoots, but it isn’t clear if he’ll be helping Liman bring the project to the finish line at this point in time.

Tom Holland just recently wrapped Cherry with the Russo Brothers and is preparing to shoot Spider-Man 3 this summer. It has been heavily rumored that he’ll show up in Venom 2, which hits theaters later this year, so he could head over to that set for a bit. Other than that, he might finally have the time to get over and finish Chaos Walking between now and this summer, leaving one to wonder if the young actor ever takes time off. As for Daisy Ridley, she should have the extra time to complete her reshoots too. Whatever the case may be, Chaos Walking is going to hit theaters, but just a lot later than everybody was expecting. Deadline was the first to reveal the Chaos Walking news.

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