The Tent Star Tim Kaiser Talks About Releasing a Pandemic Film During a Pandemic



Actor Tim Kaiser (Star Trek : Horizon, Vamps, Skydog) stars as a man who applies the survival skills he learned as a kid to survive a pandemic in the thrilling new film The Tent. When he initially signed on for the film, Kaiser couldn’t quite swallow the idea of a pandemic ever happening in our world – funny how things quickly changed.

How goes it, sir?

All is well, thank you for asking.

Are you here in Los Angeles?

No, I’m in Troy, MI

Lovely part of the world. I guess it goes without saying that it’s a very hard year for actors. When was the last time you were on a set?

About a month ago, short day for a local project.

Good for you! Great! Were you attached to any projects that fell apart due to the pandemic?

Yes, I was set to film a short film for the U of M school that was to appear in the Traverse City Film Festival.

When do you feel things will kick back in, on a larger scale, for film and television productions?

That’s a good question, I’m not sure how that will play out & restart.

Sad, really. How have you been keeping busy through it all?

Hanging out with my wife Patty. Also, I like to run and I’m playing golf twice a week.

You started acting later in life, I believe?

Yes, I started 10 years ago next month. It’s a long story but I had a friend in my golf league that told me that he did some extra work for Detroit 187 (a local TV show) the day before. Well, I signed up to be an extra & I guess you could say that the rest is history. I was on the set within two days.

You’ve worked across a wide variety of genres – comedy, horror, action, thriller – and had some great parts but I imagine The Tent was a real win, being a lead?

I have been blessed to play David in The Tent – yes indeed, it is an actors dream come through.

How did you get involved in it?

I met Kyle Couch five years ago & he cast me as a co-lead with Lulu Dahl in a short film, The Eulogy. The film won a local TV contest, the prize tickets to fly & attend Sundance Film Festival – for the director & writer, Kyle & Matt Santia.

When filming started did you have a backstory for David, even if it wasn’t on the same page?

I did indeed!

Could you relate to David?

I related very well to David, in particular his desire to be alone.

There’s as many scares in the film as there are important messages about mental health. Was that part of the appeal for you?

I think mental health and a couple of other aspects really intrigued me. I must admit that failure to deliver as an actor was always looming in the background of my thoughts. I hope that this makes some sense.

Of course. Kyle Couch is a relative newcomer to filmmaking. How did he fare compare to say, some of the veteran filmmakers you’ve worked with like Amy Heckerling (Vamps) or Lance Kawas (Fractured)?

Kyle is a very talented film maker. I have grown to respect his choices & leadership. I’m looking forward to our next project.

There’s no better time for this movie to come out than now. How do you feel the film’s content reflects whats happening in the world at the moment?

Bingo! Yes, when Kyle pitched this idea of a film that takes place during a “crisiss”- I had a hard time thinking that this could really happen in our present world. I just had a hard time with the crissis part, but of course I accepted it to play the character. Then the pandemic hits! I believe! HA HA! Pandemic film!

Amusing question to end on. Do you ever get emails or calls for the other Tim Kaiser (producer of {Seinfeld and Will & Grace)?}

Yes, that has happen. I like to make it clear that I’m not the famous Tim Kaiser from Seinfeld just the indie film actor – Tim Kaiser!

The Tent is now available on Digital from Gravitas Ventures.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb


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