The Real Bros of Simi Valley Kick Off Season 3 with Best Valentine’s Day Ever



The Best Valentine’s Day Ever is here — and, of course, we’re talking about season 3, episode 1 of The Real Bros of Simi Valley featuring Bryce (Getter) and the gang.

Just when you thought things in Simi Valley couldn’t get any more dramatic, sodium levels rise and beef gets beefier. Lifelong commitments, new squad members and international negotiations make for an epic return in season 3.

The episode’s synopsis reads: “Love is in the air, and while Xander struggles with a big decision, secret group chats and chronic tiredness could for sure lead to some heartbreak.”

Season 3 of The Real Bros of Simi Valley will host eleven total episodes, dropping weekly on Fridays at noon PT / 3 pm ET.

Grab your Valentine and watch here!

The Real Bros of Simi Valley: Best Valentine’s Day Ever


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