Stranger Things Meets It In Angsty Origin Story I Am Not Okay With This



High school, right? There’s so much to worry about around every single corner. Why are your friends suddenly being jerks? Will your crush like you back? And why do you suddenly have superpowers?

That’s exactly what Sydney (Sophia Lillis), star of Netflix’s upcoming I Am Not Okay With This, is going through. The superhero origin story mixed with coming-of-age drama follows the teen, who’s trying her best to combat high school and all the nonsense that comes with it when she discovers she has some bizarre, potentially dangerous superpowers.

Pair burgeoning powers with high school and small town life, and you’ve got a veritable recipe for disaster. It certainly doesn’t help that Sydney herself is an introvert, and she isn’t quite sure how to manage the bizarre happenings around her, but that’s exactly how we know I Am Not Okay With This is going to be a very intriguing lens through which we’ll view Lillis, who made one hell of an impression when she appeared in the remake of Stephen King’s IT.

The movie is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman, and comes from director and executive producer Jonathan Entwistle. The producers of Stranger Things will also lend a hand to bring it to life.

The film will also star Kathleen Rose Perkins (Episodes, You’re The Worst) as Maggie, Aidan Wojtak-Hissong (The Mission, Falling Water) as Liam, and Richard Ellis as Brad Lewis. And you don’t have to wait much longer to feast your eyes on Lillis running down the road covered in blood and making a break from the cops…however that came to play. Her powers must have gone dangerously awry.

I Am Not Okay With This is set to make its way to Netflix on February 26. In the meantime, you may want to check out the graphic novel for more details.


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