Sonic the Hedgehog Concept Art Shows Chris Evans Paired with Original Design



The recently released video game adaptation featuring everyone’s favorite quick-footed, blue-colored, spiny mammal, Sonic the Hedgehog, has been doing very well since hitting the big screen, even breaking box office records. The movie features Sonic teaming up with James Marsden’s small-town police officer Tom, but a piece of concept art has surfaced showing the original design for the Sega character teaming up with none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

“#SonicMovie I found this concept art from an artist who worked with Jeff Folwer in early 2018, showing the original movie Sonic fighting alongside Chris Evans as Tom, he also posted several pieces of art in Weibo.”

This early concept art was unearthed by Twitter user Marx Pan on a Chinese social media website called Weibo, where it was shared by Blur Studio’s Xu Tianhua Thx and Jin Xiaoyu. The art, of course, predates the human-teeth sporting version of the character that has no doubt guest-starred in many people’s nightmares, as well as the redesign that lead to the movie being delayed for several months following fan backlash. According to reports, the massive overhaul and redesign cost the studio somewhere in the region of $5 million.

Back in late 2018, a list that contained potential candidates for the role of Tom Wachowski was leaked onto social media. The list included the likes of Chris Evans, as well as fellow Avengers Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd along with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse star Jake Johnson and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan, among others. Apparently, they could not look far beyond the Marvel universe for inspiration.

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The user also uncovered concept art that depicts the same “Lizard Warrior” that was determined to “steal Sonic’s power and use it to conquer the universe” whose existence was discovered in copyright records around the same time.

The version of Sonic depicted in the concept art looks somewhere between the nightmare-fuel design that first featured in trailers, and the final design that adhered much closer what fans had expected. This one is wearing a flannel shirt though, so no doubt there still would have been an adverse reaction.

Director Jeff Fowler has addressed the fan reaction, stating that it was pretty clear they needed to go back and rework things.

“It was pretty clear on the day the trailer was released just seeing the feedback and hearing the feedback… that fans were not happy enough with where we were at. The message was very clear. In a situation like that, it was very little discussion – we just knew that that work had to be done. We just rolled up our sleeves and dived in.”

In the end, the redesign was probably the smart way to go, though Sonic missing out on pairing up with Cap does seem like a missed opportunity. This comes to us from @rescuetails Twitter account.

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