Porter Robinson Shares Earliest Recording of “Get Your Wish” On Piano [MUST WATCH]



Porter Robinson has captured our hearts time and time again — most recently with “Get Your Wish.”

Now, he reveals the earliest, most humble beginnings of the track, which started with only him and an old piano. This spark of an idea began on October 15, 2018 and to hear how the production has transformed since then is truly remarkable.

Porter recently opened up about his newfound sound, including “Get Your Wish,” which came after a breakthrough from mental and creative block:

I realized I shouldn’t write music with the expectation that productivity or achievement will fix my problems, but instead with the hope that my honest expression will move people the way music moves me.

Listen to the raw, beautiful beginnings of “Get Your Wish” below.

We’re obsessed.

Porter Robinson – Get Your Wish


Photo via Rukes.com


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