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Zombie movie fans have reason to rejoice as Train to Busan 2, officially titled Peninsula, has secured distribution all around the world. The sequel sees director Yeon Sang-ho returning to the world he created in 2016’s beloved zombie flick, albeit with a very different story. Be that as it may, distributors from all across the world have lined up to purchase the rights for the follow-up.

According to a new report, distributors in several major moviegoing markets have made deals for Peninsula. North America (Well Go USA), France (ARP SAS), Latin America (BF Distribution), Hong Kong (Edko), Taiwan (Movie Cloud), the UK (Studio Canal), Japan (Gaga Corp), Spain (A Contracorriente Films), Germany/Benelux (Splendid Film), Australia/New Zealand (Purple Plan), the Philippines (Pioneer Films), Thailand (Sahamongkol Film), India (Kross Pictures) and Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia/Vietnam (CLOVER Films) will all showcase the movie. Emphasis has even cut a deal for in-flight showcasing.

While it is being billed as a sequel, director Yeon Sang-ho cautions that it is not a continuation of what happened in Train to Busan, but it “happens in the same universe.” The story of Peninsula is set four years after the events of the first movie. It centers on a former soldier who has managed to escape the devastated Korean peninsula. But he is given a mission to go back and surprisingly meets up with survivors. Doris Pfardrescher, president and CEO of Well Go USA had this to say in a statement.

“Train To Busan is timeless. Four years after its North American release, it’s still one of our top performing titles. Our fans can’t get enough of it, so when we heard about Peninsula, we knew that not only was this a title that belongs under the Well Go brand, but also a story we wanted to continue to tell.”

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No release dates have been firmed up by the distributors just yet, but it was previously said the movie would be ready for summer 2020. It is in post-production currently. With any luck, this means we’ll be seeing a trailer sooner rather than later. Carlos Hansen, CEO of BF Distribution, had this to say.

“Four years ago we boarded an amazing movie we saw in Cannes and we could not have imagined our audience would have received Train to Busan so well the way they did. Since then many Korean titles have been released and now we can see Parasite’s amazing performance everywhere. Momentum is built for Korean cinema to consolidate its presence not only in Latin America but worldwide. 2020 it’s the perfect year to bring Peninsula to the world.”

Train to Busan, released in 2016, went on to become a massive hit in various countries around the world. It’s said the budget of Peninsula is roughly $16 million, which is double what the original cost to produce. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news comes to us via Screen Daily.

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