Pasquale Rotella Gives “Big State of Insomniac Update”



In 2020, the state of Insomniac is thrilling as ever — and the event company’s fearless leader Pasquale Rotella is excited to share improvements for 2020.

“Big State of Insomniac Update!” he starts up. “So much goin’ down, I couldn’t fit it all in the caption!’”

Reading on, the Insomniac team and Pasquale Rotella vow to “continue our mission of bringing people together through memorable experiences while sprucing positivity around the world.”

First up, as we already know, EDC Vegas 2020 will be using the complete speedway interior for the first time ever. Also, the theme for this year’s show will be revealed this week, with the lineup dropping NEXT WEEK, Thursday, February 20, at 6pm PT via Night Owl Radio.

EDC will be growing worldwide even more for the festival’s 25th anniversary in 2021 so expect more new destinations in the next couple months and a year-long celebration of all things Under The Electric Sky.

As for Nocturnal Wonderland, Rotella says that the new site “isn’t quite meeting the high expections” that they set out for their venues. So he weighs two options: skipping 2020 entirely and moving to 2021 or having it back at Glen Helen. He’ll have a poll on his Instagram soon, so keep an eye out if you want to vote.

Swipe below for more details, which focus on EDC Las Vegas 2020, EDC Worldwide and Nocturnal Wonderland. Plus, the all-new Insomniac Passport, EDC Orlando and Beyond Wonderland

There are many exciting things in store for 2020 and these are just some highlights!

State of Insomniac


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