Pants On Fire: Which Lie Detector Test Revelation Was The Most Surprising On Peak Of Love?



Time on the beach peak of love is winding down — but before the reality and social media stars leave with their ex, next or walk away solo, the group endured a lie detector test on tonight’s episode.

“We’re about to get the truth, baby!” Marlon declared pre-results to host Romeo and the rest of the crew. Accurate — and it got real for him and everyone else.

First up: Allie was honest about “falling in love” with Niall, while the Love Island vet was in fact ready to give up his “f*ck boy ways” for the The Naked Brothers Band alum.

“I think I’m living proof that a leopard can change his spots,” Niall quipped.

Meanwhile, Magdalena was “humiliated” by Ryan‘s answers — specifically, when he said he was not in love with his former flame (after she was sincere about wanting to marry the American Idol singer).

Moving on to La Demi, Marlon and Todd: Todd is in fact in love with Marlon, while Marlon does have romantic feelings for La Demi. But then La Demi’s answer threw a wrench in this triangle: The Glam Masters star does not want to date the Real World‘er in the real world.

“He has a lot he needs to work on between him and Todd, and in the moment taking that test no,” La Demi answered.

Adore and Tyler weren’t exactly on the same mountain page: Adore isn’t into La Demi’s former flame romantically, while Tyler feels the opposite. The kicker: The RuPaul’s Drag Race icon got a red light (aka lying) about whether or not they would date if La Demi wasn’t in the picture (Adore replied no, but the answer was really yes).

Meanwhile, Nicole and Ashley‘s “official” status is definitely in jeopardy. Nicole said she would be faithful to Ashley, but that was deemed to be a false answer. But that wasn’t all: Nicole is not the only person Ashley is romantically in love with currently.

“You know I’m not talking to anybody else at all,” Ashley told a very peeved (and equally dishonest) Nicole.

Callum — who was shopping for A RING for girlfriend Georgia earlier in the installment — had an inconclusive result when asked if he still felt something for ex Paris.

“He couldn’t even really look at me,” George reflected. “I was terrified that he would now crack on with Paris.”

And a monogamous relationship with Georgia? We will chalk his deceitful answer up to the fact that he didn’t know the definition of the “fancy word for one person.”

Last, but most certainly not least, Tyranny, Emari and Sam: Tyranny’s one is really Emari — but the Are You the One? cast member isn’t ready to date him outside the chalet (she answered she was, but didn’t get a green light).

But when the trio headed back to the group, Nicole called out Tyranny for “not being honest” about hooking up with the Love Island‘er prior to Emari’s entrance. When Sam said they did, Tyranny denied it and said, “I never did.”

“She’s f*cking lying,” Sam said in his confessional. “I’m saying ‘Yeah, it did happen,’ and she’s saying it didn’t. That makes me look like a disgusting human.”

The results also spelled out the fate for a bunch of exes: Allie’s ex CameronJemmye left New Zealand without love.

But what do all of these revelations mean for the remaining folks on the peak of love? You don’t want to miss the conclusion of this season of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love next Thursday at 9/8c!


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