MTV Push Live Announces March 2020 Concert Series With Stunna Girl, Lonr, And Flipp Dinero



Since 2019, the MTV Push Live series has spotlighted sizzling emerging talent spanning locations and genres. Conan Gray, Lolo Zouaï, Jack Harlow, and more have all graced the stage at Chelsea Music Hall in New York City for past gigs; the upcoming February show boasts acts as diverse as JUFU, Kid Buu, and Kidd Kenn. And the hits keep coming.

On March 3, MTV and Live Nation are teaming up for an Epic Records showcase featuring a trio of rising stars: Stunna Girl, Lonr, Flipp Dinero. Get to know all three below, then find tickets for the concert right here.

  • Stunna Girl

    The deal: “Runway,” the viral TikTok hit from this 20-year-old California rapper, is just the beginning. You’ve heard those galaxy-rumbling bass accents — splattered across her 2019 YKWTFGO album, not just on her breakout song — but what resonates is the ferocity of her voice. “I was just saying: Be brave. Fuck it. You know?,” she told Genius.

  • Lonr

    The deal: After helping pen some of H.E.R.’s Grammy-winning album, Lonr is making a name for himself with his own cuts. “A.M.” is a great place to start, a slinking party anthem with a touch of melancholy in his voice. “My music can be serious, but there’s also a fun side,” he’s said previously.

  • Flipp Dinero

    The deal: He conquered 2018 with “Leave Me Alone,” and this raspy-voice Brooklyn rapper’s 2019 might’ve been even better. By dropping the relentless “Westside” at the end of the year, he’s ensured 2020 is already off to a great start. “My sound is my face and I have to show my face,” he told MTV News last year. Watch his full conversation with MTV News here.

MTV Push Live hits Chelsea Music Hall on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Find tickets here.


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