Mark Hamill Asks Trump to Pardon The Star Wars Holiday Special



Mark Hamill wants President Donald Trump to pardon The Star Wars Holiday Special. Trump pardoned 11 lucky Americans earlier this week and has already hinted that he may do the same for Roger Stone. Stone was just sentenced to 40 months in federal prison and Trump believes there’s a good chance he’ll be “exonerated” soon. Since all of these pardons are coming out of the woodwork, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill wants to get in on some of the fun too.

The Star Wars Holiday Special is something that a lot of Star Wars fans wish never happened. However, out of even the most hardcore franchise supporters, nobody wants it erased from the world more than the people who were in it, including Mark Hamill. In his new social media joke referencing Donald Trump and his pardons, Hamill wants Trump to pardon the holiday special so that it can live on peacefully. It’s certainly served its time over the years and it could really use a second chance in today’s society. Hamill declared, “Hey ‘Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Country’… Pardon THIS:” and then posted a picture of the holiday poster.

Mark Hamill is obviously not a big fan of the current president, which may alienate some Star Wars fans who are Trump supporters. Hamill really doesn’t seem to care about it and seems to find pleasure in alienating some of the audience, much like Larry David in the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Regardless, the current administration is more divisive than The Last Jedi and all of the prequels put together, so some feathers are bound to be ruffled no matter what the intent is.

Out of the 11 people pardoned by President Donald Trump this week, a good portion of them committed federal crimes. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., Wall Street financier Michael Milken, and former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Keri were all convicted of crimes having to do with fraud and corruption. The president’s detractors believe he’s sending a message that fraud and corruption aren’t serious enough crimes, while his supporters believe he’s making America great again. There really isn’t an in between on this matter.

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Mark Hamill still has to field questions about the Star Wars Holiday Special to this day, though he pretty much brings it upon himself with tweets like the one he posted yesterday. George Lucas has said many times over the years that he wish he could go find the original film and destroy it, but he can’t stop it from spreading all over the internet, where it’s really easy to track down and watch. And who knows? Maybe Donald Trump is a huge fan of the holiday special and will grant it clemency. It might help out his Space Force team, so he just might do it. You can check out Mark Hamill’s Twitter jab at Trump below.

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