Lilo & Stitch Live-Action Remake Is Heading Straight to Disney+



The outpouring of live-action remakes from Disney will continue as an updated version of Lilo & Stitch is reportedly heading to Disney+ with plans to start shooting this year. Joining many animated Disney movies to come before it, the rebooted Lilo & Stitch is described as a live-action/CGI hybrid project, suggesting we’ll likely see an animated Stitch living in Lilo’s real world. Word of the planned remake dates back to 2018 when the project was first announced, though updates on its progress have been rather stagnant ever since.

Now, it appears the Lilo & Stitch remake is moving forward with plans to bring it straight to the small screen for the Disney+ streaming service. According to a new report from TheDisInsider, the project is also set to begin filming in Hawaii this fall, putting it on track for a 2021 release date. The report also suggests original Stitch voice actor Chris Sanders will also be returning to once again voice the titular alien, which is obviously fantastic news as it’s hard to imagine anyone else nailing that distinctive voice. There’s no word yet on any other potential cast members.

Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who produced last year’s highly-profitable Aladdin remake and are producing an upcoming Inspector Gadget reboot for Disney+, are also on board to produce the new Lilo & Stitch. The Crooked Man scribe Mike Van Waes wrote the screenplay. Zoe Kent and Louie Provost are also overseeing the production, and the search for a director is now underway. As the project nears its fall production start date, that information should be made available along with some casting announcements for the new version of the movie.

The original animated Lilo & Stitch movie from Disney told the story of a young human girl and her dog-like alien pal. Likewise, the live-action/CGI remake will follow a similar plot, with Lilo adopting a “small ugly dog” she names Stitch. Of course, Stitch is in fact the galaxy’s most wanted extraterrestrial fugitive, as a genetic experiment who managed to escape from the alien planet where he’d been held captive before crash-landing on Earth and meeting his new friend Lilo. Though Stitch is a bit rough around the edges and far from your ordinary house “pet,” his bond with Lilo helps him learn what it’s like to care for someone else.

Lilo & Stitch is in good company as one of many planned remakes in the works from Disney. Live-action updates are said to be in production for many other classic animated Disney movies, including Peter Pan, Bambi, and even a sequel to last year’s Aladdin. In the vein of the Lady and the Tramp remake, many of Disney’s upcoming remakes are also being developed specifically for the Disney+ streaming service, and it appears that’s where the new Lilo & Stitch will be heading as well. In the meantime, you can always revisit the original movies as well as its sequels and animated series spin-off. This news comes to us from TheDisInsider. The Lilo and Stitch live-action art comes from Boris Kiselicki at Art Station.

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