Knives Out 2 Is Officially Happening with Rian Johnson, Daniel Craig Likely to Return



Knives Out 2 is officially happening at Lionsgate. Director Rian Johnson had previously revealed that he would love to make another installment with Daniel Craig on board as Detective Benoit Blanc. Craig has also expressed interest in returning after having such a good time making the first installment. The whodunnit is a contemporary spin on an Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery and it was hinted that a franchise could be started after a successful sequel. This is good news for fans of Johnson.

Knives Out is currently close to the $300 million mark at the box office, with $156.3 million of that from domestic earnings. The movie was a surprise hit with an all-star cast. Not a whole lot of people were expecting a lot from it, but it has clearly found its niche. The mystery even earned Rian Johnson his first ever Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay. Along with Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Shannon led the strong ensemble cast in the first installment.

At this time, it looks like only Daniel Craig will be returning for Knives Out 2, though that has not been confirmed. Rian Johnson is already preparing a script that will more than likely shy away from the family element this time around. Along with powerhouse performances from the rest of the cast, Ana de Armas was especially a highlight, so it would be interesting to see if she makes a return at some point down the line or not. Regardless, Johnson thinks that he has a pretty good story cooked up for another mystery.

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When asked about making a Knives Out sequel, Rian Johnson said, “I had such a good time making it, such a great time working with Daniel, and now just seeing that audiences are responding to it, the idea of continuing it on seems like it would just be a blast.” When pressed further about the idea of a sequel getting the green light, the director didn’t want to give a definitive answer. He instead noted, “But there’s a lot that has to happen before that can happen, first and foremost being writing a script. So, we’ll see.”

Rian Johnson probably wasn’t sure if the studio wanted to move forward with Knives Out 2. As of this writing, he has yet to confirm the news himself. With that being said, the sequel could very well end up being the director’s next project, especially considering how excited he is about it. Daniel Craig will have to be out promoting No Time to Die, which hits theaters in April, so he’ll more than likely have a free schedule after the promotional tour. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes Johnson and crew to get back in the saddle for another Benoit Blanc murder mystery. Deadline was the first to announce the Knives Out 2 news.

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