Knives Out 2 Asks Fans for Title Ideas, and Some Are Quite Sharp



Director Rian Johnson’s crime thriller whodunnit Knives Out emerged as one of the best-reviewed movies of last year, and so, as was to be expected considering how well the movie was received, Knives Out 2 was officially announced. But, it seems that writer/director Johnson is perhaps struggling to come up with a title for the follow-up, as Lionsgate has taken to social media in search of a title suggestion from fans.

“Alright we need title suggestions for the sequel! Drop em!”

Of course, they were soon inundated with some brilliant, terrible and downright hilarious title suggestions for what is right now being called just Knives Out 2.

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“Knives In.”

Others decided to continue the cutlery theme that was done so well for the first movie’s title, knowing that we’ll be getting a different setting and new cast this time around.

Knives Out 2: No Forks Given.”

Others even managed to not only expand on the cutlery idea, but even bring in director Rian Johnson’s Star Wars past to create a title that is surely worthy of appearing on billboards across the globe.

“Benoit Blanc: Episode II- Attack Of The Spoons.”

The name ‘Blanc’ is, of course, referring to the surname of Daniel Craig’s private detective, and a few fans used this as inspiration for their title suggestions.

“Blanc Cheque.”

This suggestion is all about getting the point and letting audiences know exactly what they are getting with Knives Out 2.

Knives Out 2: Adam Driver Is In It.”

Lastly, one fan who clearly has very high hopes for the continuation of the Knives Out saga went to great effort to name the next eight movies in the series in the style of The Fast & Furious.

“2 Knives 2 Out. The Knives and the Out: Tokyo Drift. Knives & Out. Fast Knive. Knives & Out 6. Out 7. The Fate of the Knives. K9.”

And, just in case you did not think Rian Johnson was listening to these suggestions, the man himself chimed in, declaring his sheer dedication to reading them all.

“I have been reading these all day and gotten zero writing done.”

Perhaps if he concentrated more on the task at hand he could come up with his own title.

Though details for Knives Out 2 are still extremely scarce, Johnson has confirmed that Daniel Craig will reprise his role from the first movie, with the sequel centering on the detective taking on a brand new case with a cast of brand new characters. The idea is to create something akin to what Agatha Christie did with her characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

The first Knives Out vastly exceeded expectations, achieving a very fresh rating of 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and grossing over $300 million at the box office. This comes to us from The Knives Out official Twitter account.

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