Kajillionaire Review: Miranda July’s Latest Film Is Worth Your Money



As much as Miranda July deserves credit for her accomplishments, particularly as a rather singular filmmaker, Kajillionaire‘s success is also owed to the strong talent she secures both in-front-and-behind-the-camera. Notably, composer Emile Mosseri engulfs you in blemishing feelings of remorse and reflection without them ever feeling too forced or overly-sentimental, while the lovely camerawork from cinematographer Sebastian Winterø is key to realizing July’s diaphanous, graceful vision for her screenplay. And one would be remiss if they didn’t celebrate the fine performances of our four ensemble players, notably Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, and particularly Evan Rachel Wood. While it takes a minute to be accustomed to Wood’s curiously deepened voice, her vulnerable and visceral performance stands out as one of her finest to date. In fact, I’d say it might arguably be her greatest performance yet – if mainly thanks to its intriguing, always unplaceable idiosyncrasy.


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