Joker Director Shares Never-Before-Seen Joaquin Phoenix Images from Final Day of Shooting



Joker director Todd Phillips shared some emotional images of himself and Joaquin Phoenix from the final day of shooting. Phillips is incredibly proud of Phoenix’s Academy Award win over the weekend. Additionally, Hildur Guðnadóttir won the award for Best Score, giving the movie two overall wins. Phillips and Phoenix have been very open about their experiences working together and getting the movie done, noting that it wasn’t always easy. However, these new images from the director prove that their bond on set was pretty powerful.

The first Joker set image from the last day shooting is of Joaquin Phoenix hugging Todd Phillips. The actor looks like he may have been crying at the time the photograph was taken. All of the shots are taken from the mental asylum set and shows Phoenix in good spirits as he plays Arthur Fleck one last time. There’s even a shot of him with the director while he has handcuffs on and is smoking a cigarette. Phillips had this to say about the images.

“All of these were taken on our last day of shooting. It was bittersweet for sure- while it felt great to be done, we also had such an intense and unique experience- and then suddenly it just ends. What a ride this film has been and it all culminated with watching Joaquin walk up on that stage this weekend. Thanks again to the entire cast and crew. And especially the fans, for seeing through all the noise and showing up.”

Joaquin Phoenix took his time accepting the Best Actor Oscar for his work in Joker. The actor has used the platform from other awards shows to talk about issues that are close to him and the entertainment industry. The Oscars speech was no different, as he called out the dairy industry for inhumane practices in front of a massive viewing audience. While some were with Phoenix 100%, there were plenty at home and on social media who did not appreciate the preaching from the podium.

The dairy industry did not enjoy Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker speech at the Academy Awards at all. They issued a statement that did not deny any of the actor’s claims. Instead, they went on the offense of claiming how healthy milk and dairy products are for developing children and that milk is in 94% of refrigerators across the United States. They, along with a lot of others, were not impressed with Phoenix’s speech.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix used Joker as a platform to put a mirror up to society. Some can view it as a comic book movie with Arthur Fleck becoming the Clown Prince of Crime by the end of the movie. There are many who look at it another way, preferring to take the social commentary along with it, which makes Phoenix’s speeches even more relevant. Phillips is still excited about the outcome of the Academy Awards and is still sharing his experience of the wild ride online. You can check out the final Joker set images below, thanks to Todd Phillips’ Instagram account.

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