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Universal has released the first trailer for the romantic drama All My Life. The movie stars Happy Death Day actress Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr. as an engaged couple who receives some devastating news. Universal has also announced that the movie, which is based on a true story, will hit theaters on December 4th. The movie will then be available on premium digital rental services a few weeks later on December 23rd. Harry Shum Jr. is playing Sol in the movie, while Jennifer Carter is played by Jessica Rothe. Carter had this to say about her and Sol’s story coming to the big screen.

All My Life - Official Trailer [HD]All My Life – Official Trailer [HD]

“Everyone who had the privilege to witness Sol during his darkest hours will remember him as the one in the room with the biggest smile; the one who wanted to make sure that everyone around him was okay; and the one who took the challenges that life had given him and found a way to make the most of it. He will always be someone who gave the world his all, and in his time of need, the world gave it right back. It is an honor to be sharing our story with the world through this film.”

Based on the powerful true love story that inspired an entire nation, All My Life follows the journey of an engaged couple who make the difficult decision to accelerate their wedding in the wake of a devastating discovery. Jennifer Carter (Jessica Rothe) and Harry Shum Jr. (Crazy Rich Asians) are a sweet, fun-loving, newly engaged couple whose whole life seems ahead of them. But when Sol is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in December, their plans for a summer wedding become impossible.

All My Life features a race against time. Just like in real-life, Jenn and Sol’s friends and family launch an online fundraiser to help the couple create their dream wedding in just two weeks. In the process, they unleash an outpouring of generosity and attention from people around the world who want to celebrate the power of love with them. Through it all, Jenn and Sol’s commitment to each other only deepens, becoming a heartwarming reminder that the strength of true love knows no limits.

Jordan Nunn is one of Solomon Chau’s best friends and says he “never bragged or anything, he just came running off the field with a big smile… He was just such a lovable, goofy guy.” However, everything changed when he met Jennifer Carter. “He was just infatuated, man. It was really funny,” says Nunn. All My Life brings the extraordinary love story to the big screen, which Carter is proud of.

All My Life is directed by Marc Meyers (My Friend Dahmer, Human Capital) from an original screenplay by Todd Rosenberg. The movie is produced by Todd Garner and Sean Robins, producers of Tag and Playing with Fire, for Broken Road Productions, and is executive produced by Robin Mulcahy Fisichella and Gina Matthews. You can check out the trailer for All My Life above, thanks to the Universal Pictures YouTube channel.

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