Is A Quiet Place Socially Regressive? John Krasinski Counters the Argument



John Krasinski has responded to a reviewer who called A Quiet Place “socially regressive.” Richard Brody’s review of the movie in The New Yorker compared its “whiteness” to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. “As horror films go, it’s the antithesis of Get Out, inasmuch as its symbolic realm is both apparently unconscious and conspicuously regressive,” wrote Brody. Brody really wasn’t into Krasinski’s movie at all and it’s really apparent in the review.

As for John Krasinski’s thoughts on Richard Brody’s review, he didn’t see A Quiet Place in the same light. A lot of people didn’t see the movie in the same lens that Brody saw it through, as it currently has a 95% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s not to say his criticism isn’t warranted, it’s just the opposite of what many found when watching the horror thriller. John Krasinski had this to say in response.

“I never saw it that way or ever thought of it until it was presented to me in that way. It wasn’t about being, you know, silent and in a political time, that had nothing to do with that. If anything it was about, you know, going into the dark and, and taking a chance when all hope looked lost, you take, you know, you fight for what’s most important to you. Again, my whole metaphor was solely about parenthood.”

John Krasinski has always maintained that A Quiet Place was about parenthood. The movie is “about parenthood and the promise that you make to your kids that I’ll keep you safe no matter what – that’s, that’s inevitably a false promise,” says the writer/director. When looking at the movie in the way Krasinski intended, it makes sense and it’s something that is about to be revisited.

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A Quiet Place 2 is on the way with the original cast returning with some new faces. John Krasinski wrote the sequel and returned to direct, though he never intended for there to be a sequel when he wrote the first installment. With that being said, he’s continuing the parenting metaphor for the sequel, along with the idea of community. Krasinski explains.

“The second one is about that promise being broken and it’s about growing up and it’s about moving on and dealing with loss. For me this whole movie becomes about community. It’s about who do you trust in dark times and the power of relying on other people in dark times.”

A Quiet Place 2 will open in theaters on March 20th. The first footage from the movie has teased a promising follow up, but there are still a lot of people who are skeptical about the idea of another movie. John Krasinski was more than aware of this when he was writing the sequel and believes he was able to come up with something worthy to add to the conversation. The interview with Krasinski was originally conducted by Esquire.

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