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Heading into the fourth quarter of the big game, Marvel and Disney+ released the hugely anticipated Marvel/Disney+ Super Bowl Commercial, which gave us the coming our way over the next year and a half. These are the shows included in Marvel Phase 4, and they include Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision. While Loki and The Falcon and The Winter Solider look like serious superhero fare, WandaVision brings some laughs and looks like a bonkers tribute to some very classic sitcoms.

Bachelor Father in WandaVision

<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> Bachelor Father
<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> Bachelor Father #2

The Marvel Disney+ Super Bowl trailer only runs for 30 minutes. But it sure does pack in a lot of WandaVision footage. There are some quick clips of Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, and we see her standing in various iconic sitcom living rooms, dressed in period clothes throughout. The three biggest nods to former sitcoms arrives with an ode to both Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver, with footage that is shot in black and white. We see Scarlet Witch dressed as a classic ’50s housewife. She is a domestic goddess and Vision is the man about the house. The living room is also based on the Bachelor Father sitcom from the same time period. There is also a whiff of The Partridge Family thrown in for good measure.

The Brady Bunch in WandaVision

<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> The Brady Bunch
<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> The Brady Bunch #2

’70s sitcoms are represented in both Wanda’s groovy wardrobe, and a recreation of the iconic Brady Bunch house. We see the living room and staircase, as the Scarlet Witch channels Marcia Brady. Though she doesn’t have the bandaid on her nose. We also get to see the window which looks out on the backyard of the Brady house, with Wanda showing off some new school clothes that would definitely make Jan jeakous.

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Family Ties in WandaVision

<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> Family Ties
<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> Family Ties #2

Then we get to the ’80s, with what may be the goofiest footage contained within this quick teaser. Both Vision and Wanda are seen in their ’80s wardrobe, standing in an exact replica of the iconic Family Ties house. They appear to be channeling Michael and Elyse Keaton. Though perhaps Wanda is also channeling Mallory. The clothing from the 70s and 80s also nods towards Mork and Mindy. We can only guess what other sitcoms will be given the full honors of appearing on this Disney+ series.

Bewitched in WandaVision

<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> Bewitched

The Disney+ Super Bowl commercial also gives us our first-ever look at Wanda Maximoff in her iconic comic accurate red costume, which we can see is just a manifestation of her superpowers, and it probably won’t play more than a two second role in the actual show. Here, we see Wanda standing against another iconic staircase, but what show is this? This one has left us guessing, but perhaps you can name it? Is this from a ’90s sitcom?

Oh, we got it! of course, it’s Bewitched! That’s a big duh, and we were just waiting to see if you could get it before us. There are a ton of other hidden nods and Easter eggs which we’re sure will be explored when WandaVision debuts sometime later this year. All of this footage is most likely from the very first episode, and we can’t imagine this gimmick will run through the entire series. We do know WandaVision will connect to Doctor Strange, so we may be seeing some kind of multiverse here.

I Love Lucy in WandaVision

<strong><em>WandaVision</em></strong> I Love Lucy

Last but not least, the old-timey TV set of the 50s has got to have Wanda trapped inside of an episode of I Love Lucy, right? One of the most classic television series of all-time, there’s no way they skip Lucy and Ricky Ricardo on this one.

Disney was holding WandaVision for a 2021 release, but have decided to release it this year instead in an incentive to drive more people to the Disney+ streaming app. Let us know if we missed any nods in this quick look at the sitcoms that have helped inspire WandaVision.


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