Endgame Co-Director Shares James Cameron’s Hope for the Avatar Sequels



One of the directors behind the mammoth success that was epic comic book movie Avengers: Endgame, Joe Russo, has been speaking very highly of Avatar mastermind James Cameron lately. The Russo Brother’s Avengers: Endgame drew in such big crowds that the movie broke the box office record previously held by Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar which was released back in 2009. Rather than being angered by this, Cameron’s response was instead to be hopeful that his Avatar sequels could go on to be equally as successful.

Though Joe Russo said he has never had the pleasure of meeting Cameron or even running into him at a premiere or some other Hollywood social event, he could not help but gush, admitting that he and his brother, Anthony, are massive fans.

“He was a huge influence on us growing up. We always say the script for Aliens is the template for most modern filmmaking. It spawned an era of commercial movies that owe their DNA and lineage to that script. He’s the godfather of modern commercial cinema along with Spielberg and Lucas. When someone says something like that about a movie you made, when you grew up on their films, it’s hard to process. The little kid inside of you certainly is ecstatic and validated.”

The influence that Joe Russo says James Cameron has had on the filmmaking brothers is pretty evident, with both having made massive, crowd-pleasing blockbusters that are far from short on substance. Clearly Joe Russo loves James Cameron a lot, perhaps even as much as 3000, with the Avengers: Endgame director naming him as one of the godfathers of modern commercial cinema, no less.

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Russo then discussed the challenges faced by directors in these modern times, with there being more opportunities but also much more competition. But, much like his hero, he tries to remain hopeful.

“[James Cameron is] not wrong in saying there’s hope. There’s certainly always hope. We have to look to ourselves to provide the right kind of entertainment to get people to come out of the house. It’s more competitive than it’s ever been. I think [audiences] want new and interesting concepts.

They want it presented in a way that feels spectacular and worthy of walking out the door and sitting in a theater. They want a communal experience. I think Endgame was reflective of that as a communal experience that you couldn’t get in your house: the screaming and the cheering and the communal crying and the communal laughter. That’s why people go to the theater. There’s all different kinds of movies that can provide that. We have to work harder to provide that, to earn their trust and respect.”

The next Avatar movie, Avatar 2, is currently scheduled for release on December 17, 2021. As for the Russo Brothers, their next movie Cherry starring Tom Holland is due for release sometime in 2020. This comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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