Disney+’s Mulan Review: A Triumphant And Poised Disney Epic Finally Strengthened By The Live-Action Formula



Liu Yifei is accompanied by a stunning cast with Donnie Yen as Commander Tung, Jet Li as the Emperor and Memoirs of a Geisha’s Li Gong, each of whom possesses great star power, but disappears into their respective Mulan characters. The supporting ensemble each has their own moment with Liu Yifei. Yet its Mulan’s relationship with her father, played by The Farewell’s Tzi Ma that the film unexpectantly hones in on, and Li Gong’s key antagonist, Xianniang particularly has something unique to say within the narrative. Mulan doesn’t overcomplicate its lore or ask too much of its viewers to follow. There’s beauty in simplicity amidst some complex visuals at play.


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