Diplo, A-Trak & More Share “7 Albums to Know Me”



What are the seven albums that define you?

While you think on that, Diplo, A-Trak, Louis Futon and more are sharing their “7 albums to know me,” with some truly inspiring selections. Although it’s not quite a trending topic on social media, scrolling down EDM Twitter the conversation is clearly catching on.

Diplo enjoys albums from DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, The Pharacyde and more. A-Trak is into music from Justice, Three 6 Mafia and Kanye West, while Louis Futon cites Mos Def and Flying Lotus.

We may have never expected some of these choices from our favorite artists, so it’s intriguing at the very least to hear where their inspiration is coming from.

See below and let us know your top picks!

7 Albums to Know Me


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