Could Baauer Be Teasing His Next Album?



It’s been four years since Baauer dropped his expansive debut album Aa. He hasn’t dropped anything more than singles in the time since, but if we’re to read into a new post to his Instagram Story today, that could be changing very soon.

The story depicts a very simple image: a Dropbox titled “24 BIT WAV,” and the phrase, “masters in.” That alone is enough to get rumors started, but the most likely explanation is at least an EP, if not a full album. It’s been four years since Aa, and with all of the other albums being announced this year, I’m inclined to put my full weight behind the assumption that’s what we’re getting.

Baauer hasn’t said anything yet on Twitter, let alone mentioned anything about an album since the release of Aa four years ago. But it would probably be wise to turn on post notifications and sit tight.


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