Captain Marvel Art Reveals Comic-Accurate Supreme Intelligence, Here’s Why It Changed



The Infinity Saga box set is proving to be a wealth of information for true MCU fans who were able to snag the limited edition release. The rest of us have had to wait for Reddit leaks, which have revealed quite a few deleted scenes and interesting new concept art. The latest art shows us that the Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel almost looked more like images seen in the comic book upon which it’s based. Though that ultimately changed for good reason.

Captain Marvel hit theaters in early 2019, and went onto become a blockbuster smash hit soaring past the $1 billion mark. Small potatoes for Disney at this point, but the movie faced a lot of trolls and online critics heading into its premiere. The Supreme Intelligence is seen as a big green blob with a human-like face in the comics. But in the movie, the Kree’s Supreme Intelligence will take the form of whomever you happen to admire the most in the world.

In the case of Carol Danvers, Supreme Intelligence took the form of Wendy Lawson, aka Mar-Vell, played by Annette Bening. Supreme Intelligence was going to actually show up in its true form, but that scene was axed by Marvel. Captain Marvel production designer Andy Nicholson had this to say about why Marvel Studios abandoned the more comic accurate version for the big screen, back in 2019 while speaking with

“It was there. We did develop a line where within that space from the big pool of water in the back of the room, that eventually, that’s where the big green head would come out of. I think eventually for the final scene of the movie, it would’ve taken away from what was the core focus which was, it would’ve been a big spectacle which would’ve overwhelmed the main thrust of what we were doing which was talking about Carol’s development and transformation into Captain Marvel.”

So Marvel ditched the idea because they believed it would take away some of the power behind the scene where Carol Danvers rips out the Kree implant to reach her full potential. There was a deleted scene that showed Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg seeing the Supreme Intelligence as himself. That scene did eventually get released and can be seen in the Youtube embed below.

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Carol Danvers will return in Captain Marvel 2 as part of Phase 5. The movie will be set in the current MCU timeline, instead of the 1990s. Its expected that Captain Marvel 2 will hit theaters in 2022, but fans might have to wait until 2023. There is speculation that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker may appear in the sequel as his own final MCU movie, but that has never been confirmed by anyone tied to Marvel or Disney. Megan McDonnell has been hired to write the Captain Marvel 2 script. No director is in place yet. But Marvel is reportedly looking for a solo female director to take the helm.

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The Supreme Intelligence in its true form from a deleted scene! from r/marvelstudios

Marvel's Supreme Intelligence
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