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Netflix’s Holidate Review: A Refreshingly Raunchy Comedy For The Holidays



Even non-genre fans will be able to pair up with Holidate for a good time.

Whether you’re tired of romantic comedies, or don’t like them all that much in the first place, Holidate is so charming and off the beaten path that you might just find yourself falling for this unconventional comedy. It might not totally throw off the yolk of tradition, which may see some rom-com outsiders hit a bump in the road, but in its relatively short length the movie recovers as quickly as it stumbles. Plus, with all holidays in play, there are plenty of opportunities to switch up both halves of the formula, as Easter eggs, green beer, and firecrackers all have a special place in this flick’s heart.


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Ariana Grande’s Fluttering Strings, Julien Baker’s Misplaced Faith, And More Songs We Love



    Halloween is kind of a bummer this year. Costume parties? Canceled. Trick-or-treating? Canceled. Even It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on television has been effectively canceled. But if there’s one thing we can count on, even in 2020, it’s resident spooky-season pop queen Kim Petras. The aptly titled “Party Till I Die” was quietly added to her Halloween EP Turn Off the Light, further building on her reputation as the pop’s finest purveyor of bloodthirsty bops, ghostly glitches, and hellishly fabulous lyrics. She’s serving us death on the dance floor, sex in a coffin, and partying in a graveyard all in one. Thank goodness, because we’ve never needed it more. —Carson Mlnarik


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    Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90



    Obituary: Sir Sean Connery


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    The Truth Behind Ed Sheeran and Courtney Cox’s Unlikely Friendship



    The best thing about friendships is its unpredictability. We don’t usually require our friends to check off boxes in the same way we might a potential spouse or significant other. Plus, they’re never duty-bound to spend time with us in the way family members sometimes seem to be. At best, friendships are resilient, contentful, and provide mutual happiness for both parties.

    Best of all, there are zero rules about who you can and can’t be friends with. In Hollywood circles, as in the rest of the universe, unexpected friendships are bound to form. Before Ed Sheeran was the superstar songster he is today, you might have found him in L.A. performing in smaller gigs and building up his reputation. Oh, and becoming close friends with Courteney Cox, a woman 27 years his senior. The rumors briefly flew, of course, but friendship doesn’t tend to care so much about the paparazzi.

    Courtney and Ed began living together within weeks of knowing each other

    The most epic friendships tend to form by pure chance. It took a little bit of a coincidence for Courtney and Ed to come across each other as well. In detailing how he was acquainted with Courtney, Sheeran said that TV producer Bill Lawrence and his wife, actress Christa Miller, brought their daughter backstage to one of his shows back in 2013. The following day, he ran into them again. “Next day, I happened to be having lunch in the same restaurant and they said would I like to come to a party that night?” he recalls. “It was at Courteney’s house.”

    Cox had been working with Bill Lawrence and Christa Miller at the time in their hit show Cougar Town. Sheeran went, hit it off with Cox, and the next thing you know, she was inviting him to live in her Malibu home rent-free. Looking back, Sheeran said:

    There was no rent, but I made the bed and cups of tea and things like that. If you’re staying at your friend’s house, you should treat it like your own

    He lived there for three months. Due to their close living situation, the media began assuming that they were involved romantically, especially since Courtney had only recently divorced David Arquette. Of course, it was mostly the gossip columns that tried to propagate this rumor — Ed and Courtney were completely unconcerned by the tabloids and focused on getting to know one another better.

    Their friendship has allowed them to find both professional and personal success

    Though Sheeran had already had some real success in the music industry—particularly with his 2011 album “+” — he is quick to credit Cox with helping him reach the very top. Even though he wasn’t yet world-famous, Cox appears to have had real faith that he would make it big. She wanted to wholeheartedly support his journey. During the time she let him stay in her home, Sheeran was able to write several songs for his second album “×.” She provided him with the perfect environment in which he could be creatively inspired and continue building his album. At the same time, Cox also introduced Sheeran to some of her major celeb friends, such as Jennifer Aniston—who Ed also managed to strike a friendship with.

    Sheeran has paid back Cox’s generosity beyond simply making a good cup of tea. For all the suspicious souls out there who thought that the pair were, in fact, a secret May-December type couple, Ed actually introduced Courtney to her significant other, Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid.

    While Sheeran was still living with Cox, McDaid—a friend of Sheeran’s who he’d had once toured with—came over to write music. in explaining the match-up, Ed said:

    I think I did the ‘Courteney meet Johnny, Johnny meet Courteney’ thing…It’s just two people who fell in love and I hope they’re really happy.

    While Ed certainly doesn’t want to take the credit for the meeting, Cox nonetheless insists on acknowledging Ed for making it happen. She said, “We are certainly grateful to Ed for introducing us.” Just months after meeting, the couple announced their engagement. Though they briefly called it off in 2015 because they couldn’t agree on where to live.

    Cox has since explained the situation, saying, “We broke off our engagement, and he moved to England, then we got back together, and it’s actually better than it was before.” The two continue to be a hot item today; the only thing is that she lives in L.A. and he lives in London. It might be a long-distance relationship but as long as it works for them, nothing else matters. It’s a lot like strong friendships that manage to beat all odds and continue to work in spite of the distance, age, or fame.

    There are no rules in friendship

    Courtney and Ed still continue to hang out to this date. Sheeran became an adopted member of Friends and has been spotted hanging out with Cox and Aniston many times in recent years. Notably, in 2018, he was spotted out on a double date with Cox in West Hollywood— the gossip sites loved it. He was seen with his fiancée at the time, pro hockey player Cherry Seaborn, who has since become his wife and the mother of his child.

    One thing’s for sure: Cox and Sheeran remain close friends and have nothing but wonderful things to say about one another and their unique friendship. When speaking about Courtney’s warm demeanor, Ed
    said :

    [Courtney’s] from Alabama so it’s bred into her, but everyone she surrounds herself with is the same. Jennifer Aniston’s just as friendly. I’d only ever experienced the darker side of Hollywood and they give you faith in everything.

    Bottom line: friendships don’t have to be surface-level traditional or convention in order to be fulfilling. On the contrary, the best friends are often those we feel we can relate to on an instinctive level. They are the folks that unexpectedly elevate the quality of our lives without us even realizing it. So you need to cherish those special friends and express your gratitude to them however you see fit.

    For most inspiring stories:


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    Midi Culture – Breathe (ft. Tudor)



    Midi Culture is quickly becoming a household name – taking popular house synth staples and creating his own take on them. His new track ‘Breathe‘ via Soave, a deep house cover of Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul’s 2003 hit single, has the sultry vocals of Welsh singer/songwriter Tudor.

    The listener is taken in with a melody from Tudor immediately. Familiar bass synths come in providing a thumping bass line with Zhu-like accents. This tune is surely one to get you dancing.

    Check out the full track below.


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    HBO’s Hellraiser TV Show Brings in Original Creator Clive Barker



    Clive Barker has joined HBO’s Hellraiser TV show as an executive producer. The new series was announced back in April of this year, with Halloween director David Gordon Green attached to direct pilot and a few more episodes. The series is written by Mark Verheiden (Heroes) and Michael Dougherty (Godzilla: King of the Monsters). At the time of the announcement, Barker was not on board, though the show is based on his novella The Hellbound Heart.

    Clive Barker says he is “delighted the Hellraiser mythology is seeing a new life. It’s time the stories went back to their roots. I’m eager to bring to a new audience the most powerful and ancient elements of horror: the darkest evil invading our human lives and how we must find in ourselves the power to resist it.” The HBO series is not a remake and it aims to be an “elevated continuation and expansion of the well-established Hellraiser mythology.”

    RELATED: Hellraiser: Judgment Director Feels Hurt and Depressed After Being Excluded from New Reboots

    Executive producer Dan Farah was apparently instrumental in bringing Clive Barker and his rights into the Hellraiser series through Marc Toberoff. Farah said, “Hellraiser started with Clive’s imagination and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.” Aside from the ten movies, the franchise also includes a book anthology, comic books, and global merchandise apparel. There are a lot of ways that the series can go, but it has not been revealed exactly what the show will focus on when it is released. As for when it will be released, that has not been announced at this time. There currently is not a production start date, though one could easily see it starting up early next year.

    While not much is clear about David Gordon Green’s Hellraiser series for HBO, Pinhead, “the merciless leader of the Cenobites,” is expected to lead the show. Cenobites are the “formerly humans-turned-demons that live in an extra-dimensional realm and are activated through a puzzle box called the Lament Configuration.” The Cenobites come from hell to harvest human souls and keep balance between good and evil, which is expected to be a big part of the series, along with just about anything having to do with the Hellraiser franchise at this point in time.

    Mark Verheiden will serve as showrunner on the upcoming HBO series. Executive producers include David Gordon Green, Michael Dougherty, Mark Verheiden, Dan Farah, Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee, Lawrence Kuppin, David Salzman, Eric Gardner, Andrew Farah, Adam Salzman, Danny McBride, Jody Hill and Brandon James. Hopefully HBO will announce some further details in the coming weeks, or at least before the end of the year. In addition to the Hellraiser series, there is a reboot on the way from director David Bruckner, who promises that he will not “hold back” when tackling Clive Barker’s source material. Deadline was the first to report on Clive Barker returning to the Hellraiser franchise for the HBO series.

    Kevin Burwick at Movieweb


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    Spider-Man 3 Star Jacob Batalon Reveals Weight Loss Ahead of Filming



    Spider-Man 3 star Jacob Batalon is showing off his dramatic weight loss ahead of the production start. Batalon previously appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home as Peter Parker’s best friend Ned Leeds. In addition to the standalone movies, the young actor had small roles in Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame too. Batalon often brings comedic relief to the scenes he’s in, even when things are getting out of control.

    Jacob Batalon shared a new image of himself on his Instagram Stories that showed off his new physique. He captioned the photo by stating, “Ned just wanted to stop in and say hi.” The actor usually sports a shaved head in his normal life, but Batalon can be seen with Ned’s trademark floppy hair in the new image he just shared. It’s unclear what started the actor off on his weight loss journey, but he seems to be pretty proud of it at the moment, as are Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

    RELATED: Tom Holland Gets Spider-Man 3 Script, Promises Not to Spoil Anything

    While Jacob Batalon hasn’t officially confirmed the news, it is believed he lost 102 pounds to prepare for Spider-Man 3. A fan account for the upcoming sequel announced the weight loss news and then teased that the actor is going to have an even bigger part in the movie. As to what that will be, that is unclear at the moment, though there is some speculation going around. Most of the storyline for Spider-Man 3 is being kept under wraps at the moment. Peter Parker star Tom Holland recently revealed that he has read the script, but it seems like his spoiling days are well behind him now.

    Jacob Batalon has been vocal about his excitement over Jamie Foxx joining the cast of Spider-Man 3 as Electro. He has also been pretty vocal about his desire to play Hobgoblin in the MCU. As to whether or not his weight loss has anything to do with that is currently unclear, though there is plenty of unconfirmed speculation floating around at the moment. Regardless, it seems that Sony and Marvel Studios are getting ready to cram a lot of characters into Spider-Man 3, which will also see the return of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange.

    While it’s unclear if the MCU will introduce Hobgoblin on the big screen, it is abundantly clear that Jacob Batalon is proud of his weight loss for Spider-Man 3. At this point in time, the production is getting ready to start, so we should get some set photos leaking in the next few weeks. Spider-Man: Far From Home was shot around Europe, so there were a lot of leaked set photos going around, so it will be interesting to see if any of them come out of Atlanta this time around. The original picture of Ned Leeds came from Jacob Batalon’s Instagram account, but the story has since expired. You can check out a screenshot above.

    Kevin Burwick at Movieweb


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    Ariana Grande’s Positions Has A Song For Every Mood



    By Ashley Oken

    Ariana Grande’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, Positions, dropped today (October 30) and is full of the empowering and relatable bops we expect from the pop princess. An R&B-influenced follow-up to her February 2019 album Thank U, Next, Positions finds Grande confidently and happily singing of healing through new love. Second song “34+35,” for example, finds her candidly embracing her sexuality with her partner in a way she hadn’t in previous songs, while “Obvious” is a celebration of how newfound, unexpected love can be both freeing and comforting.

    She first announced the new era of music via Twitter on October 14 by telling fans of an album release at the end of the month, and she teased the LP until release day by posting the tracklist, where collaborations with Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and Ty Dolla Sign could be spotted. Grande also dropped the fierce feminist video for “Positions,” featuring outfits inspired by Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jackie Kennedy, each of them standing as a reminder that women can be smart, powerful, and sexy. Now that it’s here, it’s clear that Positions is a personal album and that Ariana’s music is suited to soundtrack every moment of life.

    If you’re wondering which track you should listen to based on your current mood, we broke it all down for you. You can thank us later.

    1. “Shut Up”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: like a boss

      Key lyric: “How you be using your time / You be so worried about mine”

      Writing this for her haters, Ariana shows us all how to gracefully tell our haters to quit it. This song can be played for anyone who speaks to you before your morning coffee.

    2. “34+35”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: amorous

      Key lyric: “Can you stay up all night / Fuck me ‘til the daylight”

      Her most sexually explicit song to date, Ariana makes no bones about wanting sex with her beau all the time over a frisky backbeat. This song is a great bedroom tune for that Netflix and chill time with your own partner — something she nods to by singing, “Watching movies, but we ain’t seeing a thing tonight.”

    3. “Motive” (ft. Doja Cat)

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: thoughtful

      Key lyric: “Before I lead you on / Tell me what’s your motive”

      In this ‘90s-inspired collaboration, Grande wonders whether she’s moving too fast with someone while Doja Cat wonders what this new love’s motivations are, confidently asserting that she needs a “real bona fide” and asking whether they “want a trophy or want to sport me, baby.” This song will have you checking out that virtual date twice more, reminding you to think before rushing a new relationship.

    4. “Just Like Magic”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: confident

      Key lyric: “I get everything I want ‘cause I attract it”

      Grande manifests positivity and self confidence in this sweet song, which will fill you with confidence before nerve-wracking big life events.

    5. “Off the Table” (ft. The Weeknd)

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: heartbroken

      Key lyric: “Never thought you’d be so hard to replace”

      With a “Love Me Harder” reference from The Weekend and the reliability of Grande’s crooning about going through a breakup that she’s had to heal from, all the right notes are hit here. This song speaks to feeling like you’ll never find love again after losing it.

    6. “Six Thirty”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: unsure

      Key lyric: “When I’m old and stuck, will you still have a crush?”

      Over an ethereal beat complete with string flourishes, Grande wants her partner to stay by her side because she may “lose it” later on. This song reminds all of us that we deserve love regardless of our flaws.

    7. “Safety Net” (ft. Ty Dolla Sign)

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: unprepared

      Key lyric: “I came to peace with my past / Now you got me off track”

      This collaboration finds Grande tripping over her new love and reminds us that love can be unexpected and healing. To that end, Ty Dolla Sign delivers a potent recipe for reconciliation: “Wе hit that jewelry store and wе gon’ ball out / Sometimes we have some fallouts / Put some ice on you, girl, let it thaw out.”

    8. “My Hair”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: generous

      Key lyric: “Usually don’t let people touch it, but tonight you get a pass”

      Singing about letting her man touch her very famous hair, Grande relaxes the rules around her beau. This slinky, nocturnal, and slightly jazzy song reinforces the need for others to ask permission to touch any part — and the exhilaration that comes with giving consent.

    9. “Nasty”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: spicy

      Key lyric: “Boy, you know the vibes / Take what’s on your mind, make it real life”

      Sounding like a nastier version of “The Way,” Grande doesn’t shy away from wanting to get freaky with her partner. Complete with some ghostly whistle notes up front, this song reminds you that your relationship can be spicy, even in quarantine.

    10. “West Side”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: irresistible

      Key lyric: “I’m gonna be your new favorite”

      Grande sings of being all her love could want and giving him things to look forward to: “Tell ‘em you closing the door, I’m the only for sure” and “Let me keep it real. Just let me be in your life like that.” This song reminds us that there are always things to look forward to in life.

    11. “Love Language”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: loved

      Key lyric: “Been a minute since I had something so sweet”

      In this more mature version of “Honeymoon Avenue,” Grande sings of feeling loved physically and emotionally. As this peppy and retro song recognizes real love, Ari lets us all in on how to speak directly to her heart.

    12. “Positions”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: empowered

      Key lyric: “Cooking in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom / I’m in the Olympics, way I’m runnin’ through hoops”

      Grande has never been shy about her feminism, and this song (and its accompanying video, where she spends plenty of time in the Oval Office) is an ode to women occupying any position powerfully. Fierce and strong, this song reminds us that women can shatter expectations and handle any role with grace.

    13. “Obvious”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: blissfully in love

      Key lyric: “Never thought I’d believe in love again”

      A reminder of how priceless love is, this happy track is definitely a song that can be played at weddings. Grande shows that unexpected love can feel scary, but it can prove to be just what we needed.

    14. “POV”

      Listen to it when you’re feeling: vulnerable

      Key lyric: “I wanna love me / The way you love me”

      In the stunning closer, Grande sings of wanting to see herself as her partner does. Singing, “All my baggage fading safely,” Grande shows us that she’s healing, growing, and trying to love herself along the way.


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    Freaky Review: Vince Vaughn’s Body-Swap Horror Wastes A Clever, Valuable Premise



    Blumhouse has been the name in horror since 2000, blasting its stamp on everything from movies and television to short films, documentaries, books and podcasts. The production company isn’t afraid to mix up its approach, either, shifting from high-concept Jordan Peele exercises that are layered with sharp socio-political discourse (Get Out, Us) to franchise pictures that squeeze every drop of blood out of an idea (Paranormal Activity, The Purge). If it sounds scary, Blumhouse probably is interested in trying it, and their results have been far more hit than miss.


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    Mark Kassen And Chris Evans Want To Make Every Important Issue A Starting Point



      Last week, as part of MTV’s Vote For Your Life Stream digital event, Mark Kassen and his pal Chris Evans talked to young, first-time voters about what was driving them to the polls this year. The issues ranged from climate justice to health care and more — nuanced topics with discernibly different views on both sides of the American political spectrum. But how can you get an informed take on what those sides are in hopes of digesting the issue in totality? That’s where A Starting Point — the civic engagement platform co-founded by Kassen, Evans, and Joe Kiani earlier this year — comes in.

      Kassen, an actor who also directed Evans in the 2011 film Puncture, notes that, as they got more buy-in from elected officials in Washington, D.C., the site quickly evolved into an information destination on, say, the tech giants of Google, Facebook, and Twitter testifying before the Senate this week and what that might mean going forward. That information came from those in the know: senators Ron Wyden, Marcia Cantwell, and Rick Scott, who all spoke to Kassen and Evans for A Starting Point on Tuesday and Wednesday.

      “Our objective is to say: This is a changing face of media… and there’s legislation, and you may or may not know it has an effect on how you receive information,” Kassen told MTV News.

      It’s all part of A Starting Point’s core, which Kassen said involves having productive conversations with young people — facilitated in part by a partnership with the Close Up Foundation — as a key way of communicating back with elected officials. We’re mere days away from the 2020 presidential election, and amid a surge of student voting and massive early voter turnout, Kassen keeps A Starting Point’s focus in mind: “I hope that people will vote, first and foremost, and I hope people will treat each other with respect.”

      Below, MTV News talks to Kassen about A Starting Point’s recent efforts, how Gen Z can benefit from understanding what’s happening in Washington, and the ongoing classroom impact of COVID-19.

      MTV News: Can you tell me a little bit about what the idea was for this platform and where it came from? What was the starting point for A Starting Point?

      Mark Kassen: Chris [Evans] originally wanted to have a place for good, basic information. We’ve been friends since we worked together over 10 years ago, and I just kept hounding him, like, this is a really cool idea. I looped in my friend Joe Kiani, who’d had more experience working with elected officials than I had. We started very simply, with what we used to call Section One, which are the starting points, which centers around basic questions that people might want to know around policy and finding things from a left and a right perspective. And every question that would go up would have three Democrats and three Republicans answering them.

      When we started, we kind of had to beg people to join. We asked people to do these interviews, and there was no site to show them what we were doing. They just had to trust us, which seemed pretty obscure. So there was a little bit of knocking on doors and pleading. And then as those went well, we started to be able to fill them up, and people had more that they wanted to talk about. So we realized we can kind of make it not just about a well of information, but make it a larger source of connectivity between elected officials and their electorate. So then we came up with these other two sections, which were the Daily Points, which now are user-generated.

      Then there are elected officials uploading their take on whatever they want to of the day. It’s usually tied to something that’s going on in the quote-unquote news or in society. And then there’s Counterpoints, which is our version of almost a structured debate. Some of them are a little more conversational, but it’s one Republican right now and one Democrat. Sometimes they talk about what they disagree on. Sometimes they talk about what they agree on or the disagreements they’ve solved to get there.

      MTV News: Based on the conversations with senators like Ron Wyden, Maria Cantwell, and Rick Scott that you’ve had this week about information and news, is the idea that A Staring Point can now provide Gen Zers, who might not have ever read a local hometown newspaper in their lives, more information than they had before when it comes to understanding the larger media ecosystem and how it works now?

      Kassen: The answer is sort of. We don’t have an objective, per se, in terms of saying, hey, there are newspapers out there that are dying. Our objective is to say: This is a changing face of media based on what they’re hearing, and there’s legislation, and you may or may not know it has an effect on how you receive information. The thing that I think is unique to [Gen Z] is the way they are experiencing information. They didn’t know life without social media.

      So, how technology companies — now formed with media companies — use data and give us information is going to be governed by the legislation that is either continued, adjusted, or rewritten. And so for us, it was a great opportunity to say, “This is going on.” We’re not telling you to pay attention to it. It’s happening. We’re letting you know it’s happening, and using that as sort of an anchor to reach out and say, hey, we now have built a relationship with a lot of these elected officials, so we can reach out to them and say, hey, will you come talk to us directly about the thing that you’re going to do this week?

      MTV News: Speaking of Gen Z, in your interactions with young folks, especially people who are going to be voting for the first time, what have you learned from them?

      Kassen: How much smarter they are than we are and how much more informed a lot of them are. We have two partnerships, one that we’ve had since the beginning, which is with the Close Up Foundation, which we’re very proud of. They have been committed to civic engagement since literally before I was born, or maybe around the time that I was born, which makes me feel old, but they really are committed to bringing people to Washington and getting them to experience the mechanisms, meet their elected officials, and demystify, and educate. And then not only that, they’ve been bringing tools to classrooms to help guide teachers around conversations around issues that otherwise people might be hesitant to talk about. Our goal is to help people have conversations around these issues.

      So working with Close Up first and foremost, they have brought kids from across the country to us. Chris and I have gotten to talk to them and find out what interests them and really use that kind of as a north star to go back to our elected officials. Then, you know, we have a second part that we’re just beginning with BridgeUSA, which is college students. So we’re beginning to have a back and forth where we’re listening to them and then asking them questions. But really now we will be listening to them on a myriad of issues starting with right after the election.

      MTV News: This school year, how have those classroom tie-ins been going, given how many schools have had to shift to virtual learning due to COVID-19 safety concerns?

      Kassen: We set out to make a digital set of easy-to-access tools to allow you to feel close to your governor wherever you were in the world and obviously to the country. That happens to be of use to educators now. We’ve had over 2,500 schools already sign up for when we release our version that will be called ASP Homeroom, through Close Up. So as I said, a large part of Close Up’s world is bringing kids to D.C. Obviously that’s not appropriate right now. So they’ve been shifting a lot in their focus toward finding different tools to help bring what they’re committed to classrooms and keep their programs going like that. And so we’re here to help support and grow that.

      They really responded to the mechanism that we created, so we’re just taking our mechanism, curtailing it a little bit more toward their needs, and then using our technology and our mechanism with their guidance. It’s not suddenly us teaching them, per se; it’s them using our tools. There are a lot more people needing digital tools to learn. And you asked me something about being inspired: One of the things I’ve actually become hopeful about around watching this — cause I’m really in the middle of it, I’m like a cheap seat in the middle. I’m trying to help facilitate, but there are other people who are far more qualified.

      A place like Close Up, and what we’re trying to do and empower them with some tools, actually gives you the ability to people to actually have a digital mechanism to create cross-economic and cross-cultural education. I know that’s something they’re really focused on. If you have digital tools that go between schools and districts, you actually have the ability for people to experience each other in a way that they wouldn’t digitally because they would never do that in person. So that’s been exciting to watch, watching people try to find ways to get closer together when people actually are more separate right now in your world.


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