Birds of Prey Fans Tear Apart Deadpool Co-Creator Over Controversial Harley Quinn Comments



Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld believes Birds of Prey would have done better at the box office had Harley Quinn worn different outfits. The Margot Robbie-starring movie hit theaters a few weeks ago and has not been the box office success that many were hoping for. The movie’s ridiculously long title was blamed, and later changed, the story has been blamed, the R-rating has been blamed, and a whole lot of other factors have been taken into account. Liefeld, who compares Harley’s look to Ronald McDonald, believes the costume designers dropped the ball.

Many assumed that Rob Liefeld was insinuating that Margot Robbie should have been dressed “sexier.” His original tweets, which have since been deleted, don’t say that outright, but it is implied. The Deadpool creator has since stated that it all goes back to what the character actually looks like on the comic book page, while also praising Robbie’s look in 2016’s Suicide Squad. “Next time, more punk rock, less happy meal,” said Liefeld on Twitter. He then said, “The Ronald McDonald look on Harley, not so much. Stick with the winning punk rock formula. Visual design and costuming matter.”

Margot Robbie has said many times that she was uncomfortable in the skimpy Harley Quinn costume in Suicide Squad. When it came time to make Birds of Prey, Robbie knew she wanted to do something different. Costume designer Erin Benach commented on the matter, noting that a female writer and director helped things along for the new movie ahead of its release. Robbie then threw her two cents on the new look of Harley Quinn by stating, “Yeah, it’s definitely less male gaze-y.”

Rob Liefeld opened up a can of worms on social media for his comments. “The Deborah Harry inspired Harley is amazing. This is a great look for the character and for Margot,” he said when referencing the original outfit from Suicide Squad. After getting flamed pretty hard for being sexist, Liefeld dropped some knowledge, noting that the original Harley Quinn design was created by a woman and influenced by Harry. He said.

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“Anyways, Suicide Squad costume designer Kate Hawley drew inspiration from Blondie’s Deborah Harry for Harley Quinn. Punk Rock suits her.”

Margot Robbie fans were quick to jump on Rob Liefeld’s comments. One person noted that Kate Hawley tried to do a different costume for Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, but director David Ayer insisted on the Debora Harry version. Others called Liefeld out for his own design of women in his comics over the years. One woman posted, “Sir you have absolutely no right to say anything about good female character costume designs,” while showing off some of his artwork.

The Deadpool creator ended up deleting his three original tweets and spent the rest of the day professing his love for the Harley Quinn character, while also trying to further explain his remarks. Whatever the case may be, a lot of people aren’t pleased and they’re still letting Rob Liefeld know. Birds of Prey should be doing a lot better at the box office, but are Margot Robbie’s outfits really to blame? Liefeld drew a parallel between the first Deadpool design and what they later settled with as an example of visual design. You can check out some of Rob Liefeld’s Twitter comments, along with some criticism, below.

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